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Definitely the best furniture store I have been to in Houston - bbm241958 at Citysearch

If you are in need for any type of furniture, Queens furniture can get it for you. Customer service is superb and they can get you anything you want!

I went in and purchased quite a few pieces for my house, and while i was talking to the lady, I told her that i needed some inexpensive pieces of furniture for my teenage kids. She took me into her office and showed me a few catalogs of furniture (similar to pieces you would see at roomstore or rooms-to-go) but the prices she quoted me, were so much cheaper. I saved so much money and time, this place is definitely a one stop shop

This is the only place I will ever shop at.

Can't find quality furniture at these prices anywhere in Tx - skshopper at Citysearch

If you need furniture this is the place to go! They are having a liquidation sale and I have never seen such high quality furniture at such low prices! Similar solid wood furniture pieces at other stores would run you about 20x's the price (no exaggeration). They own their own factory over seas so there is no middle man to jack up the prices. Go look for yourself!!!

 Worth every penny! - cynthialopez at Citysearch

I just happened to be doing some research on city search and i just came across these wonderful queens furniture reviews. I'm so glad that people all over houston love this store as much as me. I purchased from this store before all the natural disasters hit our city. After the storm i was left with almost nothing, the only things that stood were literally the pieces i purchased from queens. This stores quality furniture literally gave me a bed to sleep on when i had nothing. Purchase from this store and I promise you wont regret it.

Furniture at its finest - cathy designers at Citysearch

I am designer and I am so glad I found this store! It is a one stop shop, that has everything you need to furnish a home. I was able to purchase, furniture for all rooms, lamps, paintings, and many decorative items. They have very unique items at phenomenal prices. I have been designing homes and offices for over 15 years and this store is by far the best place i have ever purchased from. When my recent clients saw the quality of solid wood furniture I purchased from Queens they were shocked. Their reaction was priceless. I am so relieved I found this store, my business will definitely expand thanks to Queens.

Great furniture store - davidc77 at Citysearch

My wife and I searched all over Houston for quality furniture and I'm glad to say we finally found it at Queens. The owners of the store worked with me personally and gave me unbelievable prices! The quality is phenomenal, and quite frankly I don't think i have ever seen anything that could compete with their quality. This place is a must for all furniture buyers.

Highest quality of furniture EVER!!! LOW PRICES!!! - tomjones201969 at Citysearch

Queens Furniture recently moved to a new location and i happened to swing by to check it out after reading all the great reviews. I WAS SHOCKED at how great this store is! prices are very low and furniture quality is great! i got an amazing deal on all my new furniture. EVERYONE MUST GO CHECK OUT THERE NEW STORE!!!!!

They are giving HUUUUGE DISCOUNTS for their new grand opening!!

Thank you queens furniture, I will never shop anywhere else.

Queens Furniture - michael222555 at Citysearch

I just moved from New York City to Houston and my first priority was to furnish my house. I went to every furniture store in Houston and it was all the same cheap Chinese furniture. I decided to check city search and i came across this store called "QUEENS FURNITURE" so i decided to check it out.. The store was beyond perfect!! I didn't know that solid wood and high quality furniture still existed in this society. Their prices are so low that I couldn't believe it was real. I had the same quality furniture in my condo in New York and i paid over ten times the price in New York as i did at Queens Furniture.

For anyone who wants high quality furniture at unbeatable prices you must check this store out... it's a must!!!


I have never seen anything like this store - azizkhalil at Citysearch

I visited Queens Furniture today and i am speechless!! all i can say is that this store is PERFECT!!!!! I have been searching for a certain piece of furniture for over 20 years and i could not find it anywhere, but today i had it custom made!!!! I cant believe i finally will have the piece of my dreams!!! While i was there i also found a ton of furniture at amazingly low prices!!! So i purchased as much furniture as i could get my hands on!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH QUEENS FURNITURE!!!

Number 1 - bobby1690 at Citysearch

Queens furniture is by far the best furniture store i have ever walked in. The quality is immaculate and the prices are jaw dropping!! I have been to almost every furniture store in Houston, and nothing can compare to these people. As soon as you enter the store you are greeted with smiling faces and treated as if you are family!! Every time I go in the furniture JUST KEEPS ON GETTING BETTER!!!! Prices are always low and quality is outstanding.. I have referred many of my friends to this store and i have yet to hear the slightest complaint!! The owners of the store (Ismael and Rola Khalil) are always there to make all your furniture wishes come true, even if they have to custom make all your furniture!!! ... I GUARANTEE EVERY CUSTOMER THAT WALKS IN TO QUEENS FURNITURE WILL BE HAPPY!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!

What A Store - Dirin at Citysearch

This store is a WOW. I have visited this store with my wife twice already. I have spent $2950.00 for a great size Victorian bedroom set. I have gotten so much complements from my family and I have referred all my friends and family!! They all think of it as a treasure store.

We have discovered this place from city search. Only one of all the reviews was negative and we asked the lady at the store and she assured us that the ownership is still the same ever since and that negative review was intentional from competition to bring harm to us and for queens furniture not to be voted for.

We have been extremely pleased with the service, quality, prices and strongly recommend this store to everyone looking for quality furniture. If you love solid wood, Queens Furniture is the place for you. Prices are also great.

Best furniture store in United States - donvega1 at Citysearch

This store has the best of everything. Prices, quality and customer service. My wife and I were so impressed with this family owned business that when we bought our new home, we furnished it almost totally with Queens quality furniture. Everyone we show our home to, always comments on our fine teak and mahogany furniture. We still shop around and then go back to Queens and find better for less with customer service par none. I recommend everyone shop there before buying because if you don't, you'll kick yourself later.


Queens furniture is probably the best furniture store in the nation! Customer service is outstanding and quality of furniture is immaculate! I have purchased from queens furniture from the day it opened and every day it just keeps getting better! All there furniture is solid and built to perfection! Every time I go to the store I am treated as if i am a very good friend. Everyone is always smiling and greeting me with joy!! ... IF YOU WANT GREAT FURNITURE, LOW PRICES, GOOD QUALITY, AND AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE GO TO QUEENS FURNITURE!!!!!!! I guarantee that you will love the store!

A++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++ +++++ +++ +++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++ +++++++++++++ ++++ ++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++++ +++++++++++++!!!!!!

Perfect design join the good quality - alihaidari at Citysearch

Every visit you find new items and models feel like the first time you visit the store with more and more customer service since you step in till you get home.

Only At Queens - sasaco at Citysearch

Only at Queens you will find very friendly Employees. Queens have the best furniture, and the best wooden home accessory in town.

Thank you Queens.

Queens Furniture - gggatling at Citysearch

Queens Furniture

Unique wood designs with Outstanding prices . Unique Wood Designs, Affordable, Friendly service.

QUEENS FURNITURE IS PERFECT!! - greeneyes_amira at Citysearch 

It started out as the worst day. My Mom was coming in town and I had no furniture in my apartment. I had already been to 6 different places, which had nothing I liked and the furniture was too expensive. I had never been to Queens Furniture and I thought I'd give it a try. I was there for about 10 minutes and the guys were very helpful and knew exactly what I was looking for. The prices were more than reasonable and they were able to deliver my furniture that day.. My worst day turned out to be my best day!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH QUEENS FURNITURE!!!!!

 I love this store!! - sunshine09 at Citysearch

I found this place by accident and I am glad I did, I found the bedroom set of my dreams and saved $4000 in the process!

Check this place out before going any where else, excellent selections of teak and mahogany.

Ask for Sam, he is the best!

Exceptional Furniture Store - cswillie at Citysearch

Few establishments can compare to the exquisite furniture pieces one can obtain from Queens. If you are looking for fine wood furniture for your home or office at very competitive prices, I highly recommend your visit to Queens. They will not disappoint.

Christine Sampson Willie - Attorney at Law

Houston, Texas

The best of the best - katyfootball at Citysearch

This store is perfect there are none like it! You must go see for yourself.

New things in weekly - ridicula at Citysearch

I love a store that is fresh with new items and new ideas.

Great shopping experience - cityhawk at Citysearch

I have been around Houston, but this store is something else. They have great furniture, customized to your taste. Great Value for the money, and an excellent customer service. Huge variety, Good Prices, Handmade furniture.


Wow, I was so impressed to find anything and EVERYTHING- from water fountains, to Gold pots, Wooded to trains to silk fabrics, itmes for every room in the house and then some. I especially found the desks to be ideal and unique. What an assortment of items not found in other places. Best Selection of Home Decor any place in Houston.

The Most unique store - maiadecor at Citysearch

This is a family business and the guys make you feel like family. I was extremely happy and pleased with the furniture quality and the customer service. Please check this store out. Best designs, Amazing Prices, Courteous

 Queens Furniture - mustbass at Citysearch

Truly a high quality furniture store, where every item has been given plenty of workmanship and detail. Very unique.

 Furniture - studmonkey at Citysearch

Wow, what can one really say!!! This place is amazing, they have everything. The quality of the furniture they have is also amazing, and then when you see the price, you think something is wrong. Talk about getting allot for your money, this place takes the cake.

The staff is amazing as well, very friendly, not pushy, and extremely helpful.

They definitely have a repeat customer here.

Best Furniture in Houston - bassam_a at Citysearch

I am a regular, been to many places but always end up buying from this place. The furniture is sturdy, beautiful, and elegant. My place is full of their furniture. I wish I had more space to buy more. They also have great gift ideas and the customer service is superb!!

Best furniture - minavest at Citysearch

Solid wood, and hand made furniture is very hard to find, but to find it with greet price that is only at Queens Furniture. Good quality and good price and good service thank you all.


You must check this store out!!! - thanhmi99 at Citysearch

Ever since I discovered this store, I didn't go anywhere else for furniture shopping. I'm giving them a score of 11 out of possible 10. Superb service, Quality products, Cheap!!!

 Queens - davidsimms at Citysearch

These guys have it all!!! Talk about a one stop shop! Great service, and very friendly staff.

The quality of the furniture is amazing, and you can't beat the prices!!! A++ From me!!!

Harwin at its best! - lindakeltch at Citysearch

This furniture store feels different the minute you walk in--it's air conditioned! After shopping Harwin, stop here last and you will feel like you've reached an oasis. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the quality of mahogany items is excellent. The mirrors and home accessories are unique. Ishmael and Sam are the greatest!

 TOP NOTCH - ucm at Citysearch

I have worked with hundreds of furniture companies for several years. Queens Furniture is by far, the absolute BEST company I have ever come in contact with. They go ABOVE and BEYOND the call of duty. They are professional, kind, fair and extremely considerate and aware of their customers needs. This is not your run of the mill furniture store, this is quality at it's best, for a fraction of what you would pay anywhere else!!!!! Excellent people, excellent prices, excellent quality.

Check this place out first - luckyduck at Citysearch

It would be a sin not to check this store out first before the big name others, the prices are fantastic and the quality is great, don't waste your hard earned dollars, this wholesale store will beat any price out there. Nice selection, wonderful customer service, inexpensive.



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